Kid’s Emergency Plan

Kid’s Emergency Plan

What if you do not make it home today?

No parent wants to think about where their children would live if tragedy suddenly strikes. Telling a family member or friend that you would want them to take care of your children if something happens to you may not be enough to avoid temporary child protective services or foster care.

Make sure your children are not raised by someone you would not want…

At the Swindall Law Firm, LLC, we believe that every family with children needs an emergency plan in place letting your family and caregivers know what to do if something happens to you. Who would your caregivers call? Who would be able to keep and care for your children? Your answer might be a family member or friend. How would the authorities know which family member or friend to immediately place your child with after the tragedy? We believe that when it comes to children you want as much clarity as possible. As a parent, you want to avoid your family or friends going through any potential drawn out custody fight wherein the court decides who will raise your children.

Get peace of mind by planning…

By putting a plan in place, you can determine who you want to care for your children in case of a tragedy. You as a parent have a fundamental right to the care, custody, and control of your children. Let us help you develop both a temporary and permanent plan that puts your children at the center of your plan.

What is a Kids Emergency Plan?

A set of legal documents, instructions, and an ID card for your wallet, which we believe you need if you have children.
If you are in an accident, your Kids Emergency Plan will assist the proper authorities by providing clear instructions as to who you want caring for your children. Your Kids Emergency Plan will help ensure your children are raised by and cared for by people you choose, not someone you might not choose.

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