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Have you been arrested? This can be an overwhelming feeling. The first question you might ask yourself is, “What do I do?” It seems as if everything is at stake. You may be worried about your job, finances, or other important matters.

At the Swindall Law Firm, LLC, help is available to you and your family. When someone is charged with a crime it can have an adverse impact on many areas of your life. However, mistakes happen and not everything is under your control. Our goal is to defend you and get you results.

Navigating through the court system can be intimidating and confusing. Attorney, Kevin Swindall, at the Swindall Law Firm is ready to help. Whether you case is…


a drug charge

a traffic violation

a misdemeanor

or a felony

The Swindall Law Firm can help you navigate through this process.

The Swindall Law Firm is located in the Birmingham Metro area and available to serve clients with criminal matters throughout the state of Alabama.

Call today to speak with attorney Kevin Swindall at the Swindall Law Firm at 205-775-7820 or contact me online to setup your initial consultation.